In 1964, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) accepts his Nobel Peace Prize. Four black girls walking down stairs in the Birmingham, Alabama 16th Street Baptist Church are killed by a bomb set by the Ku Klux Klan. Annie Lee Cooper attempts to register to vote in Selma, Alabama but is prevented by the white registrar. King meets with Lyndon B. Johnson and asks for federal legislation to allow black citizens to register to vote unencumbered, but the president responds that - although he understands Dr King's concerns, he has more important projects. King travels to Selma with Ralph Abernathy, Andrew Young, James Orange, and Diane Nash. James Bevel greets them, and other SCLC activists appear. FBI director J. Edgar Hoover tells Johnson that King is a problem, and suggests they disrupt his marriage. Coretta Scott King has concerns about her husband's upcoming work in Selma. King calls singer Mahalia Jackson to inspire him with a song.

MPAA Rating:PG-13
Genre:Biography, Drama, History
Country:United Kingdom, United States, France
Produced By:Oprah Winfrey, Dede Gardner, Brad Pitt, Nik Bower, Nan Morales, Christian Colson, Cameron Mccracken, Ava Duvernay, Jeremy Kleiner, Paul Garnes, Diarmuid Mckeown
Directed By:Ava DuVernay
Written By:Paul Webb
Cast:Clint Crane, Nadej K Bailey, Colman Domingo, Mark Wellander, Wendell Pierce, Niecy Nash, Lorraine Toussaint, Tim Roth, Trai Byers, Ken Dohse, Darla Pelton-Perez, Shakesha Williams, John Archer Lundgren, Kyle McMahon, Victoria Blackmon, Christine Hameed, Elizabeth Diane Wells, Michael Papajohn, Jeremy Strong, Dawn Young-McDaniel, Christine Horn, Bennett Wayne Dean Sr., Gordon Meyer, Montrel Miller, Haviland Stillwell, Cassandra Hollis, Dane Davenport, Susan Willis, Judy McGee Burley, Corey Champagne, Oprah Winfrey, John Lavelle, Yamanee Coleman, David Silverman, Mark Cabus, Henry G. Sanders, Michael David Johnson Jr., King, Sabrina C. Williams, Thomas Hughes, Jeffery James Bucchino, Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut, Dexter Tillis, Martin Sheen, LaKeith Stanfield, Nigel Thatch, Tessa Thompson, Stephen Root, Alessandro Nivola, Jessica Yoshimura, E. Roger Mitchell, Charlandra L. Jacobs, Fred Galle, Carl Graddy, Charles Black, Kathy Alderman, Sean Baker, Qualen Bradley, Shannon Edwards, Roger A. Harrison, Common, David Dwyer, Omar J. Dorsey, Stephan James, André Holland, Corey Reynolds, Clay Chappell, Doris Dean, Kent Faulcon, Jody Thompson, Walter Hendrix III, Amahre Palmer, Greg Chandler Maness, Carol Anne Taylor, Randy Capes, Elijah Oliver, Charity Jordan, Stan Houston, Jim France, Ebony Billups, Jasmine Taylor, Mikeria Howard, J.J. Green, Carmen Ejogo, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Ronan Brookes, Tom Wilkinson, Brandon Carroll, Brian Kurlander, Jordan Rice, Tara Ochs, Dan Triandiflou, Cuba Gooding Jr., Giovanni Ribisi, Brandon O'Dell, Donald Horner, Joseph Oliveira, Trinity Simone, Michael Shikany, David Oyelowo, Marcus Chase, Dylan Baker, John Merical, John Collier, Kenny Cooper, Jamall Rashaud McMillan
In Theaters:Jan 09, 2015
Runtime:2 hours 8 minutes
Production:Pathé, Harpo Films, Plan B Entertainment, Cloud Eight Films, Ingenious Media
Box Office:$52,076,908
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