The Schwarzenegger clan surprised their famous mom with a very unexpected birthday gift, (unbeknownst to him) courtesy of Lenny Kravitz.
Brittany Runs a Marathon helmer Paul Downs Colaizzo is set to direct the Netflix movie Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, which purports to tell the true story behind controversial pharma bro Martin Shkreli's acquisition of the sole copy of Wu-Tang Clan's album of the same name. Ian Edelman (How to Make It in America) wrote the script, and Wu-Tang Clan's RZA is expected to produce alongside Plan B, the production company owned by Brad Pitt. The project itself was first revealed last week in an STX press release about Edelman writing the Pete Davidson-…
Have you ever wondered which movies inspired Wu Tang Clan' early on in their career? Well here they are.
Clash of Clans may prove to be difficult for new players to find success. This guide will provide tips for new players to begin building a base.
The Mandalorian gets a brand new Mudhorn signet in the season 1 finale, symbolizing the bond between Mando and Baby Yoda, but where does it come from?
The Otsutsuki clan arrived out of nowhere at the end of Naruto, and are integral to the story. Who are these mysterious beings, and what can they do?
Created and written by Alex Tse and The RZA, and based on one of the most influential groups in hip-hop history, Wu-Tang: An American Saga tracks their formation and follows the vision that Bobby Diggs (Ashton Sanders), aka The RZA, had to unite a dozen young black men, in the early ‘90s at the height of the crack epidemic in New York City. Torn between music and crime, the members of Wu-Tang grew to become as much of a force individually as they were together, reaching a height of success that cemented their place in music history …
NBC drops the first full trailer for This Is Us season 4, featuring a lot of new faces making the Pearsons' story more intriguing moving forward.
In the world of Naruto, every ninja has their own special way of doing things. However, oftentimes their skillset heavily relies on their clan. Though no two ninja are exactly the same, most all shinobi clans have certain skills, abilities, and preferences. Some are specific, others just happen to be their style. For example, the Uchiha clan is the only one with the Sharingan, but their love for fire and lightning abilities is hardly exclusive.