White Sun

When his father dies, anti-regime partisan Chandra must travel to his remote mountain village after nearly a decade away. Little Pooja is anxiously awaiting the man she thinks is her father, but she's confused when Chandra arrives with Badri, a young street orphan rumored to be his son. Chandra must face his brother Suraj, who was on the opposing side during the Nepali civil war. The two brothers cannot put aside political feelings while carrying their father's body down the steep mountain path to the river for cremation. Suraj storms off in a rage, leaving Chandra with no other men strong enough to help. Under pressure from the village elders, Chandra must seek help from outside the village to obey the rigid caste and discriminatory gender traditions he fought to eliminate during the war. Chandra searches for a solution in neighboring villages, among the police, guests at a local wedding, and rebel guerrillas... Read more on Wikipedia.

MPAA Rating:NR
Genre:Adventure, Drama
Country:Nepal, Netherlands, United States
Produced By:Tsering Rhitar Sherpa, Sarah Dhanens, Jan Van Der Zanden, Guusje Van Deuren, Ineke Kanters, Susan Rockefeller, Michel Merkt, Danny Glover, Mita Hosali, Joslyn Barnes, Jaime Mateus-Tique, Deepak Rauniyar, Minah Worley
Directed By:Deepak Rauniyar
Written By:David Barker, Deepak Rauniyar
Cast:Sumi Malla, Amrit Pariyar, Pramod Agrahari, Ganesh Munal, Dayahang Rai, Deshbhakta Khanal, Asha Maya Magrati, Rabindra Singh Baniya
In Theaters:Sep 28, 2017
Runtime:1 hour 29 minutes
Production:Aadi Productions, Louverture Films, Bertha Foundation, The