East of the Mountains

Retired cardiologist Ben Givens lives in Seattle and has recently became a widower. Now that he has been diagnosed with cancer himself, he also wants to end his life. He tells his daughter Renee, that he would like to hunt on the other side of the Cascade Mountains for a few days.

MPAA Rating:NR
Genre:Drama, Action
Country:United States
Directed By:S.J. Chiro
Written By:Thane Swigart, David Guterson
Cast:Lauren Dupree, Diego Collie, Nick Sage Palmieri, Mira Sorvino, Tom Skerritt, Jule Johnson, Thurman Kellogg, John Paulsen, Robert Fuentes, Kris Kristensen, Wally Dalton, Tee Dennard, Victoria Summer Felix, Annie Gonzalez, Evelyn Mellergaard
In Theaters:Sep 24, 2021
Runtime:1 hour 33 minutes
Production:Phantom Rock Films
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