Ghost Story

During the frigid winter of 1979, in the small New England town of Milburn, four elderly friends—businessman Ricky Hawthorne, lawyer Sears James, physician John Jaffrey, and Mayor Edward Charles Wanderley—form the Chowder Society, an informal men's club who get together each week to share tales of horror. Edward's son David, living in New York City, falls from his apartment window after seeing a girl he's been sleeping with suddenly turn into a living corpse. His other son, Don, comes home at Edward's request. Sometime after David's funeral, Edward sees him walking through town during a snowstorm and follows him to a bridge, where he disappears. Calling out to his dead son, Edward suddenly sees a female apparition and he falls to his death. Two escaped patients from a mental asylum, Gregory and Fenny Bate, have taken up residence in the old Eva Galli house, now in ruins.

MPAA Rating:R
Genre:Drama, Horror, Thriller
Country:United States
Produced By:Ronald G. Smith, Burt Weissbourd, Douglas Green
Directed By:John Irvin
Written By:Peter Straub, Lawrence D. Cohen
Cast:Mason Cardiff, Ken Olin, Craig Wasson, Kurt Johnson, Miguel Fernandes, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Guy Boyd, Alice Krige, Melvyn Douglas, Deborah Offner, Fred Astaire, Robert Burr, Michael O'Neill, Mark Chamberlin, Tim Choate, Robin Curtis, John Houseman, Jacqueline Brookes, Helena Carroll, Lance Holcomb, Betty Low, Patricia Neal, Brad Sullivan, James Greene, Breon Gorman
In Theaters:Dec 18, 1981
Runtime:1 hour 50 minutes
Production:Universal Pictures
Box Office:$23,371,905
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