Little Heroes

Little Heroes is a 1999 American family comedy television film directed by Henri Charr and starring Brad Sergi and Thomas Garner as two bumbling kidnappers tasked with abducting the 8-year-old son (Camryn Walling) of a tobacco company employee who is about to testify against his employers in court. The film's plot revolves around the two family dogs constantly thwarting the two kidnappers.

MPAA Rating:G
Country:United States
Directed By:Craig Clyde
Written By:Vaunie Wilson Clyde, Craig Clyde
Cast:Kelli Lidell, Katherine Willis, John Klint, Reta Patterson, Kay Lewis, Bill Green, Craig Clyde, Carly Fullmer, Jana Fillmore, Jessica Fesh, Kim Stucki, Peter Hanlon, Lance Johnson, Janet Turley, Keith Christensen, Raeanin Simpson
In Theaters:Nov 25, 1991
Runtime:1 hour 18 minutes
Production:Majestic Entertainment
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