Disney+, Disney's streaming service, arrived without Marvel TV shows based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).
René Auberjonois, a prolific actor known to many for his portrayal of Odo in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,
Murder, hacking, kidnapping, faking death, desecrating a corpse... is there any line the How To Get Away With Murder crew won't cross.
Albus Dumbledore was the Headmaster at Hogwarts, but there were many times that he favored Gryffindors instead of remaining unbiased.
HBO's Watchmen episode 7's big Doctor Manhattan/Cal twist was mind-blowing, but the promotional poster spoiled it all along, with no one suspecting.
On Thanksgiving Day, fans of Jedi: Fallen Order got a not-so-pleasant surprise: the ending of the game was spoiled in a TV commercial.
While the series focuses on their legal drama, attempts to thwart law enforcement, and their tortured lives, there’s some romance in between as well.
Star Trek writer D.C. Fontana passes away from an illness at 80 years old, having paved the way for other female sci-fi TV and film writers.
Star Wars is filled with all types of interesting droids but which can be considered the best of the bunch?
How To Get Away With Murder’s season 4 finale brought another action-packed season to a close – here’s a recap for “Nobody Else Is Dying.”
New costumes debuted at Walt Disney World and Disneyland the same day Frozen II hit theaters.
How To Get Away With Murder fans love to hate the cast, but which 10 characters from the supporting cast do they absolutely detest?
How To Get Away With Murder fans love to hate the cast, but which 10 characters from the supporting cast do they absolutely detest?
Hocus Pocus is a Halloween cult classic and family favorite. With a rumored sequel from Disney+, we look at which stars we want (or don't want) back.
Star Wars started with George Lucas, but it has continued on without him. Should he return to help the franchise, or let it do its own thing?
Death Stranding is getting away with something that most AAA releases could never hope to, blatantly putting product placement in its gameplay.
How To Get Away With Murder's flash-forward includes a murder confession - but are they actually guilty?
Perhaps it was inevitable with the rise of superhero movies and now Martin Scorsese’s latest film, The Irishman, arriving in limited theatrical release before dropping on Netflix, Scorsese would find himself at the center of a conversation about superhero movies. What perhaps no one saw is that Joker, a movie that Scorsese had been loosely attached to before ultimately deciding to pass on producing it, would become a worldwide sensation as it rockets to almost $1 billion worldwide. Scorsese is currently doing press for The Irishman and he was asked about his thoughts on Joker and if it fell …
How To Get Away With Murder inches closer to revealing the final season victim, as Asher is revealed to have survived.