Gone with the Wind

In 1861, on the eve of the American Civil War, Scarlett O'Hara lives at Tara, her family's cotton plantation in Georgia, with her parents and two sisters and their many slaves. Scarlett learns that her secret crush Ashley Wilkes is to be married to his cousin, Melanie Hamilton. At an engagement party the next day at Ashley's home, the nearby plantation Twelve Oaks, Scarlett makes an advance on Ashley but is rebuffed; instead, she catches the attention of another guest, Rhett Butler. The barbecue is disrupted by news of President Lincoln's call for volunteers to fight the South, and the Southern men rush to enlist in defense of the South. In a bid to arouse jealousy in Ashley, Scarlett marries Melanie's younger brother Charles before he leaves to fight. Following Charles's death while serving in the Confederate States Army, Scarlett's mother sends her to the Hamilton home in Atlanta, where she creates a scene by attending a charity bazaar in her mourning attire and waltzing with Rhett, now a blockade runner for the Confederacy.

MPAA Rating:G
Genre:Drama, History, Romance, War
Country:United States
Produced By:David O. Selznick
Directed By:Victor Fleming, Sam Wood, George Cukor
Written By:Oliver H.P. Garrett, Sidney Howard, Margaret Mitchell, Ben Hecht, John Van Druten, Jo Swerling
Cast:Evelyn Keyes, J.M. Kerrigan, Louise Carter, Harry Davenport, Thomas Mitchell, Vivien Leigh, Cliff Edwards, Ernest Whitman, Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson, Cammie King Conlon, Hattie McDaniel, Marvin Davis, Kernan Cripps, Stephanie Toler, Spencer Quinn, Billy Cook, Butterfly McQueen, Eric Linden, Eric Alden, Leona Roberts, Howard C. Hickman, Yola D'Avril, Eddy Chandler, Ned Davenport, Daisy Bufford, Ward Bond, Luke Cosgrave, Lee Phelps, Barbara O'Neil, John Wray, William Bakewell, Oscar Polk, Harry Strang, Clark Gable, Phillip Trent, Charles Middleton, Leona McDowell, Dale Van Sickel, Paul Hurst, Ralph Brooks, Lennie Bluett, Suzanne Ridgway, Hans Moebus, Wallis Clark, Horace B. Carpenter, Shep Houghton, Emerson Treacy, Fred Crane, Olin Howland, Victor Jory, Leslie Howard, Dan White, David Newell, Shirley Chambers, Carroll Nye, George Reeves, Olivia De Havilland, Alicia Rhett, Richard Clucas, Alberto Morin, Jane Darwell, William Stelling, George Hackathorne, Richard Farnsworth, Emmett King, Ann Bupp, Scott Seaton, Edythe Elliott, John Arledge, Jackie Moran, Dolores Dean, Frank Faylen, James Bush, William McClain, Blue Washington, Tom Seidel, Irving Bacon, Lillian Kemble-Cooper, Lester Dorr, Robert Elliott, Ann Rutherford, Everett Brown, Louis Jean Heydt, Guy Wilkerson, Adrian Morris, Lola Milliorn, Si Jenks, Trevor Bardette, Ona Munson, Rand Brooks, John Albright, Tommy Kelly, Jerry James, Marjorie Reynolds, Mary Anderson, Isabel Jewell, Lee Murray, Mickey Kuhn, Phyllis Douglas, William Stack, Chuck Hamilton, E. Alyn Warren, Yakima Canutt, Frank Coghlan Jr., Tom Tyler, Roscoe Ates, George Meeker, Dawn Dodd, Dirk Wayne Summers, Claire James, Margaret Mann, Marcella Martin, Gino Corrado, Laura Hope Crews
In Theaters:Jan 17, 1940
Runtime:3 hours 58 minutes
Production:Selznick International Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
Box Office:$200,852,579
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