Over dinner at their New York apartment on Elizabeth Street, Martin engages his parents in a lively and candid discussion about their lives, discussing such topics as their upbringing, family, religion, marriage, their Italian ancestors, post-war life in Italy, and the hardships of poor Sicilian immigrants striving to succeed in America. Catherine also demonstrates her technique for cooking meatballs, a recipe later printed in the end credits of the film.

MPAA Rating:NR
Country:United States
Produced By:Elaine Attias, Saul Rubin, Bert Lovitt
Directed By:Martin Scorsese
Written By:Mardik Martin, Lawrence D. Cohen
Cast:Charles Scorsese, Catherine Scorsese, Martin Scorsese
In Theaters:Oct 01, 1974
Runtime:49 minutes
Production:National Communications Foundation
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