Robot Dreams

DOG is a lonely dog who lives in Manhattan. One day he decides to build himself a pal robot. Their friendship grows, until they become inseparable, to the rhythm of New York in the 80s. One late summer night, Dog with great sorrow, is forced to abandon ROBOT on the beach. The beach season ends on that very day and the place reopens only on June 1st the next year.

MPAA Rating:NR
Genre:Animation, Drama, Music
Country:Spain, France
Directed By:Pablo Berger
Written By:Pablo Berger, Sara Varon
Cast:Ivan Labanda, Graciela Molina, Rafa Calvo, Esther Solans, José Luis Mediavilla, José García Tos, Tito Trifol
In Theaters:Jan 25, 2024
Runtime:1 hour 42 minutes
Production:Arcadia Motion Pictures, Lokiz Films, Noodles Production, Les Films du Worso
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