7 Prisoners

18-year-old Mateus leaves the countryside in search for a job opportunity in a São Paulo junkyard. Once there, Mateus and some other boys become a victim of a work system analogous to modern slavery run by Luca, forcing Mateus to make the difficult decision between working for the man who enslaved him or risking his and his family's futures if he is not complicit.

MPAA Rating:R
Directed By:Alex Moratto
Written By:Thayná Mantesso, Alex Moratto
Cast:Rodrigo Santoro, Dirce Thomaz, Vitor Julian, Lucas Oranmian, Bruno Rocha, Cecília Homem De Mello, Christian Malheiros
In Theaters:Nov 11, 2021
Runtime:1 hour 33 minutes
Production:Noruz Films (I), O2 Filmes
Available On:Netflix
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