Burnt Offerings

Writer Ben Rolf, his wife Marian, and their 12-year-old son Davey tour a large, shabby, remote neo-classical 19th-century mansion to rent for the summer. The home's eccentric owners, elderly siblings Arnold and Rosalyn Allardyce, offer them a bargain price of $900 for the entire summer, with one odd request: Their elderly mother, who they claim is 85 but could pass for 60, will continue to live in her upstairs room, and the Rolfs are to provide her with meals during their stay. The old woman is obsessed with privacy and will not interact with them, so meals are to be left outside her door.

MPAA Rating:PG
Genre:Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Country:Italy, United States
Produced By:Dan Curtis, Robert Singer
Directed By:Dan Curtis
Written By:Dan Curtis, Robert Marasco, William F. Nolan
Cast:Eileen Heckart, Bette Davis, Lee Montgomery, Todd Turquand, Burgess Meredith, Joseph Riley, Oliver Reed, Anthony James, Orin Cannon, Jim Myers, Dub Taylor, Karen Black
In Theaters:Oct 18, 1976
Runtime:1 hour 56 minutes
Production:Produzioni Europee Associati, Dan Curtis Productions
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