Blue Jasmine

Jasmine Francis (Cate Blanchett) disembarks in San Francisco after a flight from New York City. She takes a taxi to her sister Ginger's (Sally Hawkins) apartment, where Ginger is dismayed to learn that Jasmine traveled first class despite claiming to be broke. Jasmine has recently suffered a nervous breakdown and, having incurred heavy debts, has been forced to seek refuge with her sister.

A series of flashbacks reveal that Jasmine's husband, money manager Hal Francis (Alec Baldwin), was arrested for defrauding his clients. Ginger and her husband, Augie (Andrew Dice Clay), were among Hal's victims; he swindled them out of $200,000 of lottery winnings that Augie had wanted to start a business with, and their marriage fell apart. Hal committed suicide in prison after being publicly disgraced. Jasmine's step-son Danny (Alden Ehrenreich) dropped out of Harvard and cut himself off completely from Jasmine, believing her to be complicit in Hal's crimes. After Hal's death, Jasmine began drinking heavily and abusing anti-anxiety medication. She also developed a habit of talking to herself about her past.

MPAA Rating:PG-13
Country:United States
Produced By:Letty Aronson, Helen Robin, Edward Walson, Stephen Tenenbaum, Jack Rollins, Leroy Schecter, Adam B. Stern
Directed By:Woody Allen
Written By:Woody Allen
Cast:John Harrington Bland, Josephine Zeitlin, James D. Weston II, Christopher Rubin, Kenneth Edelson, Jekyns Pelaez, Emily Hsu, Louis C.K., Aleks Eydelman, Cloud Mykals, Alexandra Tejeda Rieloff, Sally Hawkins, Peter Sarsgaard, Tammy Blanchard, Peggy Sandow, Al Palagonia, Jessiqa Pace, Katy Tiemann, Laurena Allan, Charlie Tahan, Daniel Hepner, Rick Lasquete, Gary Agid, Tatiana Maricely, Lily Tung Crystal, Leslie Lyles, Maurice Sonnenberg, Lynn Foley, Ted Neustadt, Catherine MacNeal, Diane Amos, Shelley K. Booker, Patrick Engler, Marshall Factora, Cate Blanchett, Carl Schreiber, Allene Hebert, Cabran E. Chamberlain, Jeffrey W. Jenkins, Brynn Thayer, Steven Wiig, Emily Bergl, Matthew Cassani, Irit Levi, Jaden Alexander, Boston Rush Freeman, Thomas Dalby, Ivette De Jesus, Gretta Sosine, John Lobato, Steven Jon Nichols, Glenn Fleshler, Daniel Jenks, Glen Caspillo, Shannon Finn, Nkechi, Barbara Garrick, Vanessa Ross, Donna Sue Jahier, Conor Kellicut, Justin Minto, AnnaCorey, Mark Lavell, Etienne Vick, Mahal Montoya, Nestor Cuellas, Max Casella, Duane Ram, Max Rutherford, Andrew Long, Martin Cantu, Joe Bellan, Michael Stuhlbarg, London Freeman, Tom Kemp, Andrew Dice Clay, Kathy Tong, Lynne Valley, Bobby Cannavale, Christopher Greene, Annie McNamara, Alden Ehrenreich, Alec Baldwin, Kim Kopf, Tiffany Connor, Richard Conti, Tim Talbot, Colin Thomson, Keenan Johnston, Adrianne Grady, Joy Carlin, Virginia Travers, Andy Arness, Val Diamond, Leonard Zimmerman
In Theaters:Aug 23, 2013
Runtime:1 hour 38 minutes
Production:Gravier Productions , Perdido Productions
Box Office:$33,405,481
Available On:Amazon, Itunes, Netflix, Vudu
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