The Untouchables

In 1930, during Prohibition, the notorious gangland kingpin Al Capone supplies illegal liquor and has nearly full control of Chicago. Bureau of Prohibition agent Eliot Ness has been tasked with halting Capone's activities, but his first attempt at a liquor raid fails due to corrupt policemen tipping Capone off. He then has a chance meeting with a veteran Irish-American officer, Jimmy Malone, who opposes the rampant corruption and offers to help Ness, suggesting they find a man from the police academy who has not yet come under Capone's influence and still believes in the idealistic aspects of law enforcement. They recruit Italian-American trainee George Stone (birth name Giuseppe Petri) for his superior marksmanship and integrity. Joined by accountant Oscar Wallace, assigned to Ness from Washington, D.C., they successfully raid a Capone liquor cache and start to gain positive publicity, with the press dubbing them "The Untouchables." Capone later kills the gangster in charge of the cache as a warning to his other subordinates.