PEN15, the middle-school-set Hulu comedy, manages to pull off a strange casting magic trick with remarkable aplomb. Its creator-stars Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle, whom are adult women, play themselves at age 13 among a cast full of actual 13-year-olds — and they blend in perfectly. It results in a downright magical-feeling show, a gentle, earnest, very awkward comedy that will remind everyone what it feels like to be in the most horrific years of your life. Season 2 is coming September 18, and the first trailer gives us everything I loved about season 1 …
Adam Sandler was a remote guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week and the Saturday Night Live alum told a story about a MadTV veteran that prompted some thoughts from yours truly. The Sandman told Kimmel that the last movie he and his family saw in theaters before the pandemic forced them to shut down was Sonic the Hedgehog. Ben Schwartz voices the lovable blue protagonist and James Marsden plays his human buddy, but the film also co-stars Jim Carrey as the villainous Dr. Robotnik, and his performance harkens back to his '90s glory days when all it took …
I am in awe of Forrest Galante. I had the pleasure of profiling him back in January to put the spotlight on his Animal Planet show, Extinct or Alive, and he truly wowed me with his journey, work ethic and passion. Now the wildlife biologist has even more to offer. (And at this point, I’m fully convinced that the possibilities with his work are boundless.) Right in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Galante flew to Palu, Indonesia to help save a crocodile with a tire stuck around its neck. On Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22nd at 9:…
Johnny Depp's already deep into social media and offering a musical component to boot.
Every once in a while, Saturday Night Live comes out of left field with an animated short that's an absolute winner. The predominantly live-action sketch-comedy show has had a pretty good track record over the years when it comes to animation. Saturday TV Funhouse delivered hilarious one-off animated shorts for the better part of 15 years from 1996 to 2011, occasionally developing ideas good enough to become spinoffs on their own. Now, SNL is back with a classic spoof on one of the most popular animated action series of all time and a modern exploration that …
Ted Mosby had a very interesting middle name in How I Met Your Mother. Here are our thoughts behind the decision when developing the character.
Underworld was subject to a lawsuit from White Wolf just weeks before its theatrical release for 17 instances of copyright infringement.
Middle Earth: Shadow of War provides a deeply complex action experience. The complicated and highly-acclaimed Nemesis system adds to this depth.
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It’s a common misconception Neil Patrick Harris played Francis on Malcolm In The Middle. In fact, it was his doppelganger Christopher Masterson.
The scene depicting Star Wars' first on-screen same-sex kiss in The Rise of Skywalker was cut from the film's release in the United Arab Emirates.
Easily recognized by her mullet, acid wash denim and tyrant children, Brooke Shields’ The Middle character Rita is TV’s funniest nightmare neighbor.
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