Mystic River

Three boys, Jimmy Markum, Sean Devine, and Dave Boyle, play hockey in a Boston street in 1975. Spotting wet concrete, they start writing their names into it when a car pulls up with two men, one pretending to be a police officer and the other a priest. One gets out and berates the boys for their actions, and tells Dave to get into the car. The men hold Dave captive and sexually abuse him for four days, until he escapes.

Twenty-five years later, the boys are grown and, while they still live in Boston, have drifted apart. Jimmy is an ex-con running a neighborhood store, while Dave is a blue-collar worker, still haunted by his abduction. The two are still neighbors and related by marriage. Jimmy's 19-year-old daughter Katie is secretly dating Brendan Harris, a boy Jimmy despises. Brendan and she are planning to run away together to Las Vegas.

MPAA Rating:R
Genre:Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Country:Australia, United States
Produced By:Clint Eastwood, Bruce Berman, Judie Hoyt, Robert Lorenz
Directed By:Clint Eastwood
Written By:Dennis Lehane, Brian Helgeland
Cast:Susan Bergeron, Connor Paolo, Kevin Bacon, Scott Winters, Jenny O'Hara, John Doman, Andrew Mackin, Ken Cheeseman, Miles Herter, Lance Norris, Eli Wallach, Thomas Derrah, Patrick Shea, José Ramón Rosario, Sean Penn, Cayden Boyd, John Ferus, Celeste Oliva, Jillian Wheeler, Richard DeAgazio, Zabeth Russell, Stephen O'Neil Martin, Tom Guiry, Tim Robbins, Adam LaFramboise, Lonnie Farmer, Tori Davis, Ryan Patrick, Mark O'Leary, Duncan B. Putney, Jim Smith, Cameron Bowen, Spencer Treat Clark, Kevin Conway, Matty Blake, Stephen Kyle, Kris Williams, Mikey Kelley, Bates Wilder, John Pungitore, Kevin Chapman, Adam Nelson, Charley Broderick, Shawn Fitzgibbon, Frank Ridley, Douglass Bowen Flynn, Shawn Fogarty, Victor Warren, T. Bruce Page, James DeVoy, Anthony Taurasi, Eric Bruno Borgman, Sarah Jeanette Taylor, John Franchi, Loy Lee, Paul McGillicuddy, Greg Stechman, Brian A. White, Laura Linney, Dean H. Huh, Marc Vos, Brian Van Kay, Tom Kemp, Michael McGovern, Jon Joyce, Celine Du Tertre, Susan Willis, Ari Graynor, Jonathan Togo, Emmy Rossum, Joe Stapleton, Marcia Gay Harden, Brett Murphy, Jason Kelly, Robin Brodsky, Sean Patrick Doherty, Laurence Fishburne, Will Lyman, Robert Wahlberg, Seth Reich, Bill Thorpe, Brian Frates
In Theaters:Oct 15, 2003
Runtime:2 hours 18 minutes
Production:Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, NPV Entertainment
Box Office:$90,135,191
Available On:Amazon, Itunes, Netflix, Vudu
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