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The true crime documentary is a magnetic affair for many of us, particularly when murder is involved. We, the upstanding public, are utterly fascinated by people who kill—those unspeakable monsters we shun, yet devote hours of our free time indulging in their heinous work. What each of us finds so enrapturing about the horrific things one human does to another may vary from person to person, but perhaps the thing we all have in common as viewers—not participants—of these things, is that we recognize them as other. It’s not us doing the killing, not us being …
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Hey! How've you been? Feeling generally normal? Sleeping well? Not at all worried that a serial killer could come get you at any minute? Well, allow us to change all of that for you. Netflix just dropped the trailer for their upcoming true crime docuseries The Confession Killer. And it will burrow under your dang skin. "He's pleasant. He's non-threatening. And actually a killing machine." So intones an interviewer at the beginning of The Confession Killer's trailer. He's talking about Henry Lee Lucas, a real-life serial killer who, after being convicted of murdering …
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