Fantastica: A Boonie Bears Adventure

Sun Wukong's Mountain of Flowers and Fruit is assaulted by the Theives Group and Sun's fellow monkeys are easily taken down. The Theives Group eventually come to the center and try to steal Ruyi Jingu Bang but is stopped by Sun Wukong. After taking disadvantage, the Ninga brings a record which starts to play the sutra to tighten Sun's magical circlet and make him painful.

Having taken the Ruyi Jingu Bang from the losing resistance Sun Wukong, the Theives Group go back to the Boss's underwater base and meet the Boss who hired them for collecting treasures in all the Fictional world. The Boss explains the existence of Fictional Universe while shows his collections and orders them to hunt the Golden Deer Horn from Boonie Bears World.

MPAA Rating:G
Genre:Action, Adventure, Animation, Family, Comedy
Cast:Mario Lopez, Nichalia Schwartz, Siobhan Lumsden, Josh Peck, Joseph Lambert, Paul 'Maxx' Rinehart
In Theaters:Jun 14, 2019
Runtime:1 hour 23 minutes
Production:Viva Kids
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