Salem's Lot doesn't have a release date yet, but now another 2023 Stephen King movie has one, and there's extra reason to be excited.
Jared Leto's big Tron project just received some good news, as a new director might be in line to help the project take off.
Michael B. Jordan is reprising his role as John Clark following his debut in the role in 2021 movie, John Clancy’s Without Remorse.
Hasbro dropped the new artwork for the updated version of Clue, and fans can't get enough of Mrs. White.
Ridley Scott's long awaited Gladiator sequel has taken another big step forward, thanks to the potential casting of its new hero.
Johnny Depp largely came out the victor in court, and has been keeping busy since.
Get ready for one of 2023's most anticipated films with this teaser trailer for Barbie.
Sarah Michelle Gellar has seen The Whale, and she has the pictures to prove it; pictures that just happen to see her and former co-star Brendan Fraser hanging out together.
A copyright lawsuit against Paramount survived the studio's motion to dismiss. The court found that the sequel bore enough resemblance to the magazine story the original film is based on to dismiss Paramount's motion.
Daniel Radcliffe knows he’s an Elijah Wood look-alike and loves it when people shout at him from moving cars.
Zac Efron is starring in The Iron Claw, and he’s showing off his wrestling moves in the first look at the A24 movie.
Paramount Pictures just gave its upcoming Scream movie a new release date.
Speaking with IGN in a new interview, Henry Cavill reacted to James Gunn's recent DC Studios promotion and talked about playing a "joyful Superman."
The Alec Baldwin film will resume filming, but it will not return to New Mexico.
Alex Rodriguez is playing it cool when it comes to the recent marriage of his ex-fiancée Jennifer Lopez.
According to director Ryan Coogler, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever had one question central to the development of the upcoming MCU film: 'How do you carry on in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds?'
Shortly after House of Hammer featured Armie's accusers, his ex-wife has some happy news.
Hugh Jackman's kid made fun of his dance moves, despite him dancing on Broadway.