The first details have been cracked open for Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget, the long-awaited sequel to Aardman's 2000 stop-motion hit, which will premiere on Netflix in 2023.
They're skipping the theater and running straight to your home.
Aardman Animation has made a lot of great movies over the years, but perhaps their best known is the 2000 feature Chicken Run. A fun spin on The Great Escape, the film follows a group of chickens led by Ginger and an American rooster named Rocky trying to escape before their owner can turn them into meat pies. It’s a very cute and funny movie, and now it’s shaping up to get a sequel for Netflix. According to Variety, “A Netflix release that coincided with the presentation explained that Studiocanal — which has financed, distributed and sold Aardman productions …
Netflix has confirmed that a Chicken Run sequel will be heading to its streaming service, with production expected to begin next year.
Released almost 20 years ago, Chicken Run is an iconic stop-motion animation film. Here are 10 behind-the-scenes facts about the movie.