They Shall Not Grow Old

They Shall Not Grow Old is a 2018 British documentary film directed and co-produced by Peter Jackson. The film was created using original footage of World War I from the Imperial War Museums' archives, most of it previously unseen, alongside audio from BBC and IWM interviews of British servicemen who fought in the conflict. Most of the footage has been colourised and transformed with modern production techniques, with the addition of sound effects and voice acting to be more evocative and feel closer to the soldiers' actual experiences. Read more on Wikipedia.

MPAA Rating:R
Genre:Documentary, History, War
Country:New Zealand, United Kingdom
Directed By:Peter Jackson
In Theaters:Feb 01, 2019
Runtime:1 hour 39 minutes
Production:House Productions, Trustees of the Imperial War Museum, London, WingNut Films
Box Office:$8,340,072
Available On:Vudu
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They Shall Not Grow Old

Fans Ratings: 85%
Critics Ratings: 93%

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