We at Collider have an exclusive clip of composer Harry Gregson-Williams (the upcoming Mulan) conducting a scoring session for the upcoming Disneynature film Penguins. The score was recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, utilizing a large orchestra and a choir. Says Gregson-Williams, “It has a wide range of emotions—from mischievous and humorous for the young and rather clumsy Steve when we meet him, to epic and awe-inspiring to reflect the extraordinary landscape and environment that these penguins live in.” The composer created individualized thematic material for Steve, Adeline, the chicks and predators like the leopard …
A nice mix of titles are coming out this week, including a religious drama, a nature documentary, and the latest chapter of The Conjuring Universe.
This sweet and charming coming-of-age film by the talented Studio Colorido revisits what it’s like to be young and curious again.


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