With Robert Pattinson having been cast as the next Batman, fans are desperate to know who'll be in Matt Reeves' Batman movie. It's been rumored that The Penguin and Catwoman will be part of the film. They'll be two of the villains in the movie, and there are a lot of actors who should be considered for the roles.
We at Collider have an exclusive clip of composer Harry Gregson-Williams (the upcoming Mulan) conducting a scoring session for the upcoming Disneynature film Penguins. The score was recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, utilizing a large orchestra and a choir. Says Gregson-Williams, “It has a wide range of emotions—from mischievous and humorous for the young and rather clumsy Steve when we meet him, to epic and awe-inspiring to reflect the extraordinary landscape and environment that these penguins live in.” The composer created individualized thematic material for Steve, Adeline, the chicks and predators like the leopard …
A nice mix of titles are coming out this week, including a religious drama, a nature documentary, and the latest chapter of The Conjuring Universe.
This sweet and charming coming-of-age film by the talented Studio Colorido revisits what it’s like to be young and curious again.


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