No matter if you prefer Mary Lambert's original 1989 take on the story, or the recent remake by Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer, one element of Pet Sematary that always works is "Church" the cat: a smelly, reanimated feline and one of the spookiest parts of both the novel and films.
Welcome to The Witching Hour! Collider’s horror podcast, co-created and co-hosted by Horror Editor Haleigh Foutch and Senior Editorial Producer Perri Nemiroff. This week, we've got a packed lineup. First, Haleigh and Perri talk about visiting the 'I Like Scary Movies' exhibit in Los Angeles and Haleigh gives her quick thoughts on Claire Denis' trippy new movie High Life. From there, they dig into the reviews. Up first, The Twilight Zone's first two episodes; what worked and what didn't. Then it's time for a spoiler-filled chat about Pet Sematary, what they liked …
Heeeere's some of the most chilling cinematic works based on Stephen King's career!
Be aware there are spoilers for Pet Sematary. If you've seen the new spin on Pet Sematary, you know the filmmakers weren't afraid to stay true to the dark and dreary nature of Stephen King's infamously ghoulish horror tale. However, even though they were willing to go just as dark as King, they also embraced the freedom to take some major swings away from the story of the source material. This time around, it's not Gage but Ellie who dies in this tragic version of the tale, a new spin that lets the mysterious evil behind …
Pet Sematary just came out this weekend which means everyone searching for tickets on Fandango is going to want to throw their phones at the wall. Don’t believe us? Just go ahead and see how many times auto-correct will change "sematary" into "cemetery."
The canon of Stephen King adaptations has given lots of great actors the opportunity to swing for the fences through his stories of grief, terror, and trauma. The casts of films like Misery, The Shawshank Redemption, and Carrie earned Oscar attention for playing characters created by the prolific horror author, while films like The Shining and IT (both the mini-series and the recent re-adaptation) featured iconic unhinged performances. That tradition continues with Paramount's new adaptation of Pet Sematary, which stars a knockout cast including Jason Clarke, John Lithgow and Amy Seimetz in the devastating tale of a …
The weekend played out mostly as expected with the release of Shazam! from Warner Bros. and New Line securing the top spot in both the domestic and worldwide marketplace while Paramount's release of Pet Sematary scored the second largest opening for a Stephen King adaptation. STX's The Best of Enemies, however, fell a bit below expectations as April is off to a solid start, but it won't be until the release of Avengers: Endgame at the end of the month that we'll be able to see whether this...
The filmmakers discuss making major changes from the ending of Stephen King's book.
The 2019 remake of Pet Sematary is now in theaters, reintroducing audiences to one of Stephen King's most disturbing works, as well as the Creed family's undead feline, Winston Churchill, or Church for short. In both the 1989 and 2019 versions, Church's burial in the titular Pet Sematary acts as a catalyst for the story's events, pulling focus toward the reanimated cat's unnerving presence.
Be aware there are spoilers for both the 1989 and 2019 versions of Pet Sematary, as well as the original novel. If you've seen the new spin on Pet Sematary, heck even if you've just seen the trailer (don't read this if you've only seen the trailer), you know that the latest adaptation of Stephen King's classic novel takes some liberties and makes some big swings. Of course, there's the big switch -- it's not the toddler Gage who dies in this version, it's his older sister Ellie, and that key shakeup has …
Hey-ho, let's go discuss this shocking turn of events.

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