Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

Years after a global catastrophe, Australia is a radioactive wasteland and the Green Place of Many Mothers is one of the last remaining areas with fresh water and agriculture. Raiders discover the Green Place while a young Furiosa and Valkyrie are picking peaches. Furiosa attempts to sabotage their motorbikes, but the raiders capture her as a prize for their leader, warlord Dementus of the Biker Horde. Furiosa's mother Mary pursues them to the Horde's camp. Although Furiosa mortally wounds the last raider before he can divulge the location of the Green Place, Mary is unable to stop him from delivering Furiosa to Dementus.

MPAA Rating:R
Genre:Action, Adventure, Sci Fi, Thriller
Country:Australia, United States
Directed By:George Miller
Written By:George Miller, Nick Lathouris
Cast:Anya Taylor-Joy, Alex Time, Tom Burke, Angus Sampson, Lachy Hulme, Alyla Browne, Goran D. Kleut, David Collins, Maleeka Gasbarri, Xanthia Marinelli, CJ. Bloomfield, Rahel Romahn, Matuse, Robert McFarlane, Florence Mezzara, Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Webber, Nathan Jones
In Theaters:May 24, 2024
Runtime:2 hours 28 minutes
Production:Kennedy Miller Mitchell, Warner Bros.
Box Office:$49,700,225
Available On:Vudu
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