Congolese man Koffi was disowned by his mother in his youth for being a so-called "zabolo," Swahili for evil sorcerer. Now he returns to Congo from Europe to visit his family, along with his white pregnant girlfriend. The visit does not go well as the ancient rituals and persistent superstitions of the local tribes continue to haunt Koffi.

MPAA Rating:NR
Country:Belgium, Congo, Democratic Republic, Netherlands, France, Germany, South Africa
Directed By:Baloji
Written By:Baloji, Thomas Van Zuylen
Cast:Manacé Kashala, Marc Zinga, Guetty Lembe, Linda Ikwa, Dylan Mata, Eliane Umuhire, Serge Kakudji, Lucie Debay, Mordecaï Kamangu, Denis M'Punga, Bongeziwe Mabandla, Romain Ndomba, Yves-Marina Gnahoua, Olive Mfumu Ntonto, Marcel Otete Kabeya, Chimène Barthez, Jeff Lubadi, Delpierro Lombala
In Theaters:Dec 04, 2023
Runtime:1 hour 30 minutes
Production:Wrong Men North, New Amsterdam Film Company, Tosala Films, Special Touch Studios, Radical Media
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