The Origin of Evil

The Origin of Evil (French: L'Origine du mal) is a French and Canadian thriller drama film, directed by Sébastien Marnier and released in 2022. The film stars Laure Calamy as Stéphane, a fish cannery worker who discovers that she is the biological daughter of wealthy businessman Serge (Jacques Weber), and is being introduced to his established family despite their unwillingness to accept her.

MPAA Rating:R
Genre:Drama, Thriller
Country:France, Canada
Directed By:Sébastien Marnier
Written By:Sébastien Marnier, Fanny Burdino
Cast:Naidra Ayadi, Véronique Ruggia, Sheila Maeda, Jacques Weber, Dominique Blanc, Maria Pinto Bonito, Doria Tillier, Laurence Huby, Johanna Tahar, Caroline Roulin, Suzanne Clément, Clotilde Mollet, Laure Calamy, Céleste Brunnquell, Anthony Deroche, Julien Naccache, Caroline Ferrus, Blandine Laignel
In Theaters:Sep 22, 2023
Runtime:2 hours 3 minutes
Production:Avenue B Productions, micro_scope, Poison Productions, Canal+, Ciné+
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