Martin Eden

Martin Eden is a 2019 Italian-French historical romance drama film directed by Pietro Marcello, loosely based on the 1909 novel of the same name by Jack London. It was selected to compete for the Golden Lion at the 76th Venice International Film Festival. At the Venice Film Festival, Luca Marinelli won the Volpi Cup for Best Actor.

MPAA Rating:NR
Genre:Drama, Romance
Country:Italy, France, Germany
Directed By:Pietro Marcello
Written By:Jack London, Maurizio Braucci, Pietro Marcello
Cast:Elisabetta Valgoi, Carlo Cecchi, Marco Leonardi, Giuseppe Iuliano, Luca Marinelli, Vincenzo Nemolato, Pietro Ragusa, Autilia Ranieri, Giustiniano Alpi, Carmen Pommella, Jessica Cressy, Denise Sardisco, Savino Paparella, Peppe Maggio, Vincenza Modica
In Theaters:Oct 16, 2020
Runtime:2 hours 9 minutes
Production:Avventurosa, IBC Movie, Rai Cinema, Shellac Sud, Match Factory Productions
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