Sporting an all-star cast of some of Hollywood’s most in-demand and diverse leading men, Triple Frontier is the latest Netflix original action movie about a group of ex-military operatives who raid a cartel compound. Bound by the sort of brotherhood forged by being constantly under fire on dangerous missions for the special forces, they decide to pillage a drug dealer’s insanely large payload as compensation for all their unrecognized heroic efforts.
Spoilers for Triple Frontier follow below. A month after Netflix's Spanish-language drama Roma took home three Oscars (including Best Director), the streaming service just released a star-studded action-thriller that’s been in development in Hollywood for a decade. Triple Frontier started as the next project from The Hurt Locker writer Mark Boal and director Kathryn Bigelow, but despite attracting A-list talent like Will Smith over the years, the film couldn’t get made. Until Netflix stepped in. The finished version hails from All Is Lost and A Most Violent Year director J.C. Chandor (who …
Triple Frontier features a top-notch cast and a dark story about the dangers of greed, but it fails to capitalize on its own promising premise.
For someone who's used to shooting action sequences, there was something special about Triple Frontier's action that impressed Ben Affleck.
While Triple Frontier is an uber-serious action thriller, it has one of the funniest behind the scenes stories that we've ever heard.
If it seems as though Netflix is releasing a new original film each week it’s because, well, they nearly are. Director Cary Fukunaga’s Beasts of No Nation marked the first “Netflix Original Film” back in 2015, and since that time Netflix has ramped up both production and acquisition of original films to debut exclusively on the streaming service. They range from romcoms like To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before to Oscar-winning dramas like Roma to even blockbusters like Bright, and Netflix is showing no signs of slowing down. So with so many upcoming Netflix movies …
Netflix's newest feature has a big name cast, but is the film itself that big?
Triple Frontier features a top-notch cast and a dark story about the dangers of greed, but it fails to capitalize on its own promising premise.
Triple Frontier is not the movie you're expecting it to be. The trailers for the long-in-the-works action-thriller went heavy on the helicopter shots, machine gun fire, Inception bwaaaaaah horns, and close-ups of Ben Affleck's concerned, bearded face to paint the picture of an explosive shoot-em-up through the jungle that Schwarzenegger might've signed up for in 1986. The film has these things, for sure—especially the helicopter shots, enough to make Michael Bay straight swoon—but it's also a much smarter, much more meditative film than marketing might have you … The post ‘Triple Frontier’ Review: Netflix’s A-List Jungle Heist Surprisingly Has More Brain than Brawn appeared first on Collider.
Netflix has released a new Triple Frontier trailer. The upcoming action-thriller centers on a group of former Special Forces operatives (Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund, and Pedro Pascal), underpaid and undervalued by their own government, decide to stage a heist against a South American drug lord. However, the heist turns out to be the least difficult part as the operatives must figure out a way to get out alive with the money. This looks like an exciting action movie, and I’m eager to see it finally come to fruition. J.C. Chandor is an interesting …
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