One Piece: Strong World

Shiki (シキ) uses his Devil Fruit powers to destroy marine ships and warn Monkey D. Garp and Fleet Admiral Sengoku. On a floating island, Monkey D. Luffy is chased by a genetically-enhanced animal. The monster is overpowered by the other monsters before Luffy defeats the fourth monster. The Straw Hats have been separated into three groups: Sanji with Usopp, Roronoa Zoro with Tony Tony Chopper, and Nico Robin with Franky and Brook. Shiki tells Nami that she has been taken to the island against her will and a brief flashback is shown: several days earlier, the Straw Hats read news of an attack on East Blue. Luffy vows to protect the East Blue before witnessing Shiki's ship overhead. After escaping a storm, Shiki meets Nami and reveals his powers to make any inanimate object he touches float. After learning it was Nami that delivered the warning, Shiki offers to take them there before abducting Nami. The others try to rescue her, but Shiki makes the pirates scatter on the island.

MPAA Rating:NR
Genre:Action, Adventure, Animation, Fantasy
Produced By:Eiichiro Oda
Directed By:Munehisa Sakai
Written By:Hirohiko Uesaka, Eiichiro Oda
Cast:Kappei Yamaguchi, Ashleigh Domangue, Francis Henry, Kenny Green, Leah Clark, Hiroaki Hirata, Felecia Angelle, Chad Cox, Kazuya Nakai, Akemi Okamura, Ikue ÔTani, Sam Swanson, Yûichi Nagashima, Mike McFarland, Lucas Schuneman, Yuriko Yamaguchi, Ian Moore, Kazuki Yao, Lindsay Seidel, Kate Bristol, R. Bruce Elliott, Christopher Bevins, Naoto Takenaka, Clifford Chapin, Bryan Massey, Mayumi Tanaka, Doug Goodrich
In Theaters:Dec 12, 2009
Runtime:1 hour 53 minutes
Production:Fuji Television Network, Shueisha, Toei Animation
Available On:Itunes, Netflix
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