Blake Lively is at it again, saying she subscribed to ESPN+ just so she could troll her husband, Ryan Reynolds.
A Deepfake on TikTok is looking so good many don't believe it's not Keanu Reeves.
Life imitates art, and in the case of an Office Space-inspired accounting scam, that imitation led to some very real criminal charges.
Ahead of the Cocaine Bear movie, the titular bear has joined social media.
Amber Heard turned heads when her Twitter vanished shortly after Elon Musk took over.
The FBI's investigation into the shooting on the Rust set is done, and the findings clash with Alec Baldwin's account.
A new report has claimed that the fan campaign that helped bring about Zack Snyder’s re-cut of Justice League was partially fueled by fake social media accounts.
Johnny Depp has a wildly popular TikTok account, and now there’s a new post from him to check out.
The MCU is still the movie industry's biggest cash cow, and last year was no exception. While 2021 was slower year in terms of box office revenue, Marvel movies still raked in the cash, accounting for nearly a third of ticket sales in North America.
After years of waiting, The Accountant 2 is finally back on the books at Warner Bros!
These Tom Cruise deepfakes are just getting better and real-er.
The internet was quick to share their thoughts on Andrew Garfield's recent reveal.
One of the better Twitter accounts for film promotion was less excited than you might think when news of sequels dropped.
HBO Max is delivering a gift to cinephiles, partnering up with Oscar nominee Ava DuVernay for One Perfect Shot. Based on the popular Twitter account, the half-hour docu-series will take an in-depth look at some of cinema's most stunning moments using the voices of the filmmakers who created them. This announcement initially got a firm ehhhhh from me, because the account itself borders on self-parody—sometimes you get a bonafide once-in-a-lifetime shot, other times it really is just a lamp in a Coen Bros. movie but you're not allowed to say …
As the streaming service wars heat up even more with the arrival of HBO Max, Netflix is actually making a move to save its idle customers some cash. One of the biggest potential pitfalls of signing up for subscription services? Remembering to cancel that subscription when you’re no longer using it. Even as someone who’s very mindful of her spending, I’ve fallen into this trap more times than I’d like to admit. (I swear, I really was planning to learn a new skill on Skillshare at some point!) But rather than continue to keep charging those …