Mother's Day

As Mother's Day draws close, a group of seemingly unconnected people in Atlanta come to terms with the relationships they have with their mothers. Sandy (Jennifer Aniston) is a divorced mother of two boys whose ex-husband has recently remarried a younger woman named Tina (Shay Mitchell). Miranda (Julia Roberts) is an accomplished writer who gave up her only child, Kristin (Britt Robertson), for adoption at birth. But as a grown-up Kristin prepares herself for marriage, she begins to contemplate the missing part in her life and is encouraged by her friend, Jesse (Kate Hudson), to go out and find her mother. Meanwhile, Jesse and her sister Gabi, who never see their mother, are surprised by their parents when they come to visit and must come to terms with their failing relationship. Read more on Wikipedia.

MPAA Rating:PG-13
Country:United States
Produced By:Leon Corcos, Vishal Rungta, Tedd Johnson, Rodger May, Colin Pierce, Ankur Rungta, David H. Venghaus Jr., Kevin Scott Frakes, Mark Benton Johnson, Howard Burd, Adam Bollinger, Chip Flaherty, Fred Grimm, Gary Danklefsen, Howard Gilden, William Bindley, Matthew Hooper, Greg Wilson, Cherelle George, Jared Underwood, Mike Karz, Mark DiSalle, Brandt Andersen, Mark Fasano, Bill Heavener, Heather Hall, Michael Flaherty, Scott Lipsky, Daniel Diamond, Wayne Allan Rice, Danny Mandel, Deborah E. Chausse
Directed By:Garry Marshall
Written By:Anya Kochoff, Lily Hollander, Garry Marshall, Tom Hines, Matthew Walker
Cast:Shay Mitchell, Karah Britton, Gary Friedkin, Kate Hudson, Rob Nagle, Kevin Blake, Timothy Olyphant, Rodger May, Gianna Simone, Stephen Dean, Chip Hamilton, Violet Morris, Lily Marshall-Fricker, Ariana Neal, Jack Whitehall, Rory O'Malley, Natalie Machado, Marty Nadler, Siena LaGambina, Christine Lakin, Aasif Mandvi, Anoush NeVart, Adreana Gonzalez, Mandy Oakes, Julia Roberts, Ethan Marshall, Bricine Brown, Richard Molina, Suzanne Haring, Britt Robertson, Mark Falvo, Natalie Lymor, Joseph Leo Bwarie, Paul Vogt, Brittany Belt, Lisa Roberts Gillan, Grayson Russell, Adam Freeman, Cameron Esposito, Robert Pine, Sandra Taylor, Donielle Artese, Barbara Marshall, Greg Wilson, Sam Marshall, Penny Marshall, Caleb Brown, Lucy Walsh, Kevin Marshall Pinkney, Jason Sudeikis, Margo Martindale, Melanie Amaker, Sean O'Bryan, Tom Hines, Jon Lovitz, Jennifer Garner, Rodney Luis Aquino, Owen Vaccaro, Ashleigh Plyler, Ella Anderson, Loni Love, Matthew Blake Rogers, Sarah Chalke, Kate Linder, Larry Miller, Drew Matthews, Beth Kennedy, Wedil David, Jessi Case, Eric Elijah Rogers, Jennifer Aniston, Tracey Bonner, Dawlish Carmauta, Brandon Spink, Nicolette Noble, Matthew Walker, Genevieve Joy, Inder Kumar, Amanda Smith, Emma Marshall, Hector Elizondo
In Theaters:Apr 29, 2016
Runtime:1 hour 58 minutes
Production:Open Road Films (II), Rice Films, Gulfstream Pictures
Box Office:$32,463,917