Lady Bird, the drama which came out in 2017 starring Saoirse Ronan, has some fascinating characters. We look at the MBTI of the major characters.
Just a day after announcing the hottest toy of the summer, indie distributors A24 finally revealed what's behind their Public Access project: A series of free screenings projected on to billboards across the country. The schedule includes A24's most notable titles like Oscar-nominee Lady Bird and Best Picture winner Moonlight, and each screening location is specifically tailored to the film. (Note: If A24 happens to announce one of these for Midsommar in Sweden, for the love of God do no go to that screening.) In a release, A24 called the initiative “a celebration of the movies and …
At their core, coming-of-age stories are about the sacrifice of innocence in order to discover identity. In the critically acclaimed film Lady Bird, the titular protagonist isn't satisfied being a Sacramento native destined for community college. She has a vision for herself as a cultured woman of the world who stands out from the masses. At the same time, Lady Bird has the conflicting desire of desperately wanting to fit in with the popular kids at her school. Her classmates, teachers, and family experience similar struggles of reconciling who they want to be with the persona they present to the world.
A teen coming-of-age film nominated for one Oscar—let alone several—is rarer than a UFO sighting. But voters, critics, and audiences were bowled over by Greta Gerwig’s effervescent directorial debut Lady Bird, a love letter to our wandering teenage selves. Saoirse Ronan exquisitely captures the rawness of being seventeen, portraying the titular protagonist as equal parts curious, witty, and resolutely selfish.