Almost Famous

In 1969, child prodigy William Miller struggles to fit in. His life is further complicated after learning that his widowed college-professor mother Elaine has falsely led him to believe he is twelve years old. William is actually eleven, having started the first grade at five years old, and skipping fifth grade. Strong-willed Elaine's strict ban on rock music and pop culture influences that she fears have a negative effect on her children finally drives William's eighteen-year-old sister Anita to move to San Francisco and become a flight attendant.

MPAA Rating:R
Genre:Drama, Comedy, Adventure, Music
Country:United States
Produced By:Marty P. Ewing, Ian Bryce, Jerry Ziesmer, Scott M. Martin, Cameron Crowe, Lisa Stewart, Steven P. Saeta
Directed By:Cameron Crowe
Written By:Cameron Crowe
Cast:Jimmy Star, Gary Kohn, Nicki Sixteen, Kate Hudson, Pete Droge, Ana Maria Quintana, William Mapother, Holly Maples, Daniel Wilson, Zack Ward, Jann Wenner, Fairuza Balk, Mark Kozelek, Mark Cirillo, Bodhi Elfman, Ray Porter, Anthony Martelli, Jimmy Fallon, Brian Vaughan, Patrick Fugit, Erin Foley, Tom Riis Farrell, Frances McDormand, Scott N. Stevens, Patrick Williams, Emmy Collins, Zooey Deschanel, Michelle Moretti, Jesse Caron, Anna Paquin, Jason Lee, Greg Bronson, Terry Chen, Rainn Wilson, John Fedevich, Christine Vienna, Mitch Hedberg, Jay Baruchel, Mark Pellington, Peter Frampton, Shannon Saint Ryan, Kyle Gass, Laura Bastianelli, Billy Crudup, Reathel Bean, Charles Walker, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Wayne Doba, J.J. Cohen, Olivia Rosewood, Michael Angarano, Bijou Phillips, Eric Stonestreet, Nick Swardson, Alice Marie Crowe, Dan Andreiu, Elizabeth Friedman, Devin Corey, Eion Bailey, David C. Fisher, Julia Decker, Marc Maron, Noah Taylor, Sarah Kozer, Pauley Perrette, Kevin Sussman, Kate Peckham, Susan Yeagley, Liz Stauber, Casey Slade, Abraham Smith
In Theaters:Sep 22, 2000
Runtime:2 hours 2 minutes
Production:Columbia Pictures, DreamWorks, Vinyl Films
Box Office:$32,534,850
Available On:Amazon, Itunes, Vudu
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