Rough Night

In 2006, four friends, Jess, Alice, Frankie and Blair, bond during their first year of college. A decade later they reunite as Jess is about to marry Peter. Alice decides that the four should spend the weekend in Miami partying. They are also joined by Pippa, Jess's friend from her semester in Australia. Alice, who considers herself to be Jess's best friend, is immediately jealous of Pippa.

MPAA Rating:R
Country:United States
Produced By:Dave Becky, Matthew Hirsch, Lucia Aniello, Paul W. Downs, Matthew Tolmach
Directed By:Lucia Aniello
Written By:Paul W. Downs, Lucia Aniello
Cast:Scarlett Johansson, Doris McCarthy, Johnny Serret, Emmy Elliott, Madison Arnold, Kate McKinnon, Ty Burrell, Zoë Kravitz, Mark Tallman, Paul W. Downs, Demi Moore, Dean Winters, Jillian Bell, Colton Haynes, Azhy Robertson, Natalie Gold, Ilana Glazer, Ryan Cooper, Patrick Carlyle
In Theaters:Jun 16, 2017
Runtime:1 hour 41 minutes
Production:Paulilu Productions, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Box Office:$22,105,643
Available On:Amazon, Itunes, Vudu
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