House Party

In their high-school cafeteria, Peter, also known as "Play" announces to his friends Christopher aka "Kid" Robinson, Jr., and Bilal that he will be having a party at his house that night, as his parents are on vacation. The reluctant Bilal is to be the DJ. Kid is then involved in an altercation with school bully Stab and his two brothers Pee-Wee and Zilla. When Kid comes home, he tries to convince his father, "Pop" to let him go to the party. Pop relents at first, but when a note from school informs him of the fight, he forbids Kid from going to the party. Rather than miss the party of the year, Kid sneaks out while Pop is sleeping in front of Dolemite – but the door closing behind Kid awakens Pop. On his way to the party Kid runs into Stab and his brothers, jumps over a fence where a fat man named Roughouse is having sex with his lady, and is shot at by Roughouse. Kid ducks into a nearby Alpha Delta Sigma reunion to escape them.