Marlene is a 2020 Canadian docudrama film, directed by Wendy Hill-Tout. The film centres on the case of Steven Truscott, a Canadian man who spent many years in prison after being wrongfully convicted of a murder he did not commit, through the eyes of his wife Marlene.

MPAA Rating:NR
Genre:Biography, Crime, Drama, Romance
Directed By:Wendy Hill-Tout
Written By:Wendy Hill-Tout, Cathy Ostlere
Cast:Hannah Duke, Dempsey Bryk, Julia Sarah Stone, Olivia Davies, Greg Bryk, Bryson Wiese, Lorette Clow, Tom Carey, Maxim Roy, Chantale Perron, Stacie Harrison, Ryan Northcott, Geena Meszaros, Summer McBrien, Olivia Duke, Kristin Booth, Aidan Fink, Dave Trimble
In Theaters:Jun 21, 2022
Runtime:1 hour 50 minutes
Production:Voice Pictures
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