Avatar 2 producer Jon Landau has shared some new concept art, offering fans a first look at one of the underwater vehicles that will appear in the sequels.
While the wait for the Avatar sequels recently got even longer (fun fact: the very first release date for Avatar 2 was December 2014), producer Jon Landau is tiding fans over with a first look at a new underwater vehicle that will be making its debut in one or more of the four sequels that are planned. Since 2010, writer/director James Cameron has been teasing that the Avatar follow-ups would delve into the underwater world of Pandora – an area barely explored in the technologically groundbreaking first movie. Water appears to play a major role in the Avatar sequels, …
The only constants in this world are death, taxes, and James Cameron doing some crazy shit underwater whether anybody asked him to or not. Case in point: The latest behind-the-scenes photo from Avatar 2, courtesy of the film's social feeds, which shows off some of the underwater motion-capture at play. [caption id="attachment_790870" align="alignright" width="360"] Image via 20th Century Fox[/caption] Of course, by "some of the underwater motion-capture at play" I do mean it's a photo of actor Britain Dalton in a mo-cap suit riding another actor in a mo-…
Folks, after last week's soothing images of James Cameron directing pool noodle-riding actors from afar, we have a delightful new, pool noodle-centric image from the set of Avatar 2, and the bobbing little happy faces of the A-list cast make for a delightful mid-week treat. It has been more than a whole-ass decade since Avatar hit theaters. For context, we were still using iPhones 3 when the movie came out, and in the years since, SpaceX landed a rocket, Marvel created a whole cinematic universe, Netflix even became Qwikster for a while (remember that?) …
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