As director William Eubank confirmed fan theories that the final monster in Underwater is Cthulhu, he also opened the door to a higher stakes sequel.
William Eubanks, director of Underwater, confirms fan speculation that the final monster is, in fact, Cthulhu.
Starring Kristen Stewart, Underwater takes the threat of a survival movie and adds the dread of an oceanic monster
Get your string and thumbtacks at the ready, as we're about to dive deep!
The final events of the aquatic horror film, Underwater, hint at more threats that are out there hiding beneath the ocean.
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The new aquatic creature feature Underwater is now in theaters, and here's a guide to the cast of characters and the actors playing them.
Fox's new deep sea monster movie Underwater leaves the door open a crack for a potential sequel, but it's not yet clear if one will happen.
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The reason most movies take about 20 minutes or so to get to their "inciting event" is to establish the characters, the stakes, the world, etc. Director William Eubank and writers Brian Duffield and Adam Cozad decide to skip past those 20 minutes in their thriller Underwater and cut right to the action. Unfortunately, this leads to life-and-death decisions with characters we don't really know. If you're going to focus on six people and we know that not all of them are going to survive their perilous journey, then there needs to be a reason to …
Does Underwater have a post-credits scene setting up a potential sequel to this deep-sea thriller? We reveal whether audiences should stick around.
Kristen Stewart is the best part of the flawed sci-fi thriller Underwater.
Kristen Stewart is the best part of the flawed sci-fi thriller Underwater.
Underwater is a tense and relentless thrill ride at the bottom of the ocean, but lacks any substance, delivering a shallow and boring sci-fi movie.