When Apple TV+ launched last year, it came out of the gate with a pretty eclectic assortment of programming in its first few months, from the star-studded The Morning Show to the family-friendly Snoopy in Space to the WTF-ery of See. But be far the most strange and singular show was Servant, the M. Night Shyamalan-produced horror mystery about a pair of grieving parents, their super suspicious live-in nanny, and the creepy-ass baby/doll intended to help them cope with their grief. So, is that nightmare doll a real baby now? Who the heck …
Over the weekend, M. Night Shyamalan confirmed filming on Servant Season 2 wrapped. Servant was among the first wave of original shows to premiere on Apple TV+ back in late 2019. The series stars Toby Kebbell and Lauren Ambrose as a Philadelphia couple who hire a sheltered young woman (Nell Tiger Free) to care for their infant son. But, as is the case with all things tied to Shyamalan, there's more to the world of Servant than meets the eye. The Servant Season 2 wrap news was the only thing Shyamalan had to share when he took to Twitter …
The season finale for Apple TV+’s Servant features major changes for both Sean and Dorothy that will have drastic effects on season two.
Big things are coming to Apple TV+ series Servant for Season 2. Co-created and executive produced by M. Night Shyamalan and Tony Basgallop, the series stars Nell Tiger Free as Leanne, a quiet young woman who signs on to become the nanny for wealthy Philadelphia couple Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) and Sean Turner's (Toby Kebbell) infant son, Jericho. The catch: Jericho is a doll the couple had made in order to help deal with the death of their real son. Strange things begin happening to the family, including the possibility that Leanne might have somehow made Jericho come back …
The first season finale for Apple TV+’s Servant provides some big answers and offers some major hints towards where Baby Jericho really came from.
Will Apple TV+ move forward with Servant season 2? Here's everything we know about the sci-fi series produced and co-directed by M. Night Shyamalan.
The season finale to Apple TV+’s Servant looks into Leanne’s past as she must decide if she’ll stay with the Turner or return to her roots.
Servant reveals that Leanne has been manipulating Dorothy to plague her with guilt over how her negligence resulted in Jericho’s death.
Apple TV+’s Servant finally answers the question to its biggest mystery surrounding Jericho’s death as it flashes back to the time of the accident.
If you're a horror fan with an Apple TV+ subscription, you simply must be watching Servant, an ickily slow-burning psychological horror series from executive producer/director M. Night Shyamalan and writer/creator Tony Basgallop (What Remains). In artfully composed half-hour episodes, Servant tells the tale of parents Dorothy and Sean Turner (Lauren Ambrose and Toby Kebbell) who've recently, tragically lost a child. To cope, Dorothy takes care of an eerily lifelike doll, pretending it's her real baby. And when this coping mechanism extends as far as hiring a real-life nanny (Nell Tiger Free), things …
Apple TV+’s Servant weaves a number of engrossing mysteries, but recent evidence suggests that Dorothy’s job could be another layer of her delusions.
Apple TV+’s Servant is full of complex mysteries, but a major key to what’s going on may revolve around the Bible verses in the series.
Strong evidence in the latest episode of Apple TV+’s Servant indicates that not only was Jericho born, but that Dorothy’s responsible for his demise.
Apple TV+’s Servant is a series full of deep mysteries, but major clues are provided towards a religious healer theory after Leanne’s uncle visits.
Shyamalan plays with many addicting mysteries within Apple TV+’s new series, Servant, but the deepest lies within the truth behind Leanne’s identity.
M. Night Shyamalan dropped numerous hints that might suggest Leanne is involved with witchcraft on his AppleTV+ series, Servant.
Apple TV+’s Servant has many mysteries, but Sean’s food prep of some eels and Leanne’s reaction could reveal a major clue.