Jeff Bauman is a well-intentioned but underachieving Boston native who works at the deli counter of a Costco and lives in a small two-bedroom apartment with his alcoholic mother Patty. One night at the local bar, Jeff runs into his ex-girlfriend Erin, who is attracted to his kindness and charm, but finds herself constantly frustrated by his lack of commitment. After learning that Erin is running in the Boston Marathon to raise money for the hospital she works at, Jeff asks every patron in the bar to donate and then promises Erin he'll wait at the finish line for her with a big sign.

MPAA Rating:R
Genre:Biography, Drama
Country:United States
Produced By:Peter H. Mcguigan, Jake Gyllenhaal, Scott Silver, Anthony Mattero, Todd Lieberman, Jeffrey Stott, Michel Litvak, Gary Michael Walters, Riva Marker, Nicolas Stern, David Hoberman
Directed By:David Gordon Green
Written By:John Pollono, Bret Witter, Jeff Bauman
Cast:Bridget McGuinness, J.P. Valenti, Kevin Egan, Nelson Aquino, Jake Gyllenhaal, Brandon Scales, Maximus Prime, Elle Doucette, Karen Scalia, Robert Oliva, Irene Gerakas, Sean McPherson, Jed Griswold, Katie Hanley, Stephanie Atkinson, Danny McCarthy, Miranda Richardson, Anthony Pelton, Josephine Cooper, Ian Dylan Hunt, Arthur Hiou, Donna Ognibene, Sophia Bellas, Nick Cairis, Harold Rudolph, Peter Lewis Walsh, John Pollono, Monica Farrington, Katherine Limoncelli, Joe Jafo Carriere, Shawn Contois, Thomas Pimentel, Carlos Sanz, George J. Vezina, Mike O'Dea, Jimmy LeBlanc, Bates Wilder, Luke D. Tierney, Patrick Languzzi, Brian Dongelewic, Van Brockmann, Joseph Paolo, Kristen Annese, Maria Cortes, Precious White, Ken Kansky, Tatiana Maslany, Shane Fuller, Nicolas Villamizar, Hashim Lafond, Jeffrey Corazzini, Nate Richman, Chris Palermo, Manajhjanihe Royalle, Elaine Victoria Grey, Suzanne Gillies, Paul Vincent Rapisarda, Arissa Page, Lexie Roth, John Franchi, Frankie Shaw, Richard Pacheco, Ron G. Young, Daniel Martignetti, Stephanie Ann Saunders, Giovanni Alabiso, Kevin Daigneault, Bill Porter, Acei Martin, Renee Lawrie, Emelie Pla, Bobby Kenney, Paul Taft, Tierre Diaz, Curtis Eames, Rickland Powell, Clancy Brown, Brian Masters, Michele Egerton, Dora Winifred, Owen Burke, Michelle Romano, Adrian M. Mompoint, Brina, Munjeet Geyer, Sonaz Izadi, Kate Fitzgerald, Daniel Baek, Leah Procito, Mark Burzenski
In Theaters:Sep 22, 2017
Runtime:1 hour 56 minutes
Production:Bold Films, Lionsgate, Mandeville Films, TIK Films
Box Office:$4,211,129
Available On:Amazon, Itunes, Vudu
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