The quality of Game of Thrones went sharply down over the seasons - and these are some of the biggest issues before the finale.
Three time Oscar-nominee Edward Norton reveals that he turned down a role in Avatar 2 because he was only interested in playing a Na'vi.
Netflix's earnings report for Q2 2019 shows that the company gained fewer new subscribers than expected, and they think their content is the problem.
The lucrative pact between The CW and Netflix is no more. The network previously struck a deal with the streaming service in 2011 that would find The CW shows like Arrow, The Flash, and eventually Riverdale landing automatically on Netflix once their seasons ended, but with the deal up for renegotiation this spring, The CW declined to renew it. Per Deadline, The CW will be shopping its new shows individually to the various streaming homes. That doesn’t mean these series won’t still end up on Netflix, but Netflix will now have to bid against competitors to land any …