The Blues Brothers

Jake Blues is released from Joliet Correctional Center after serving three years, and his brother Elwood picks him up in his Bluesmobile, a battered former police car. Elwood demonstrates its capabilities by jumping an open drawbridge. The pair visit the Saint Helen of the Blessed Shroud orphanage where they were raised, and they learn from Sister Mary Stigmata that it will be closed unless $5,000 in property taxes is paid within 11 days. During a sermon by the Reverend Cleophus James at the Triple Rock Baptist church, Jake has an epiphany: they can re-form their band, the Blues Brothers, which disbanded while Jake was in prison, and raise the money to save the orphanage.

MPAA Rating:R
Genre:Action, Crime, Adventure, Musical, Music, Comedy
Country:United States
Produced By:David Sosna, Robert K. Weiss, George Folsey Jr., Bernie Brillstein
Directed By:John Landis
Written By:John Landis, Dan Aykroyd
Cast:Carrie Fisher, Eddy Donno, Ryan Folsey, Paul Swearingen, Gil Pearson, Cynthia Kinman, John Candy, Dean Hill, Cindy Fisher, Jeff Morris, Tom Malone, Leonard R. Garner Jr., Steve Lawrence, Pinetop Perkins, Stan Mazin, Bill Telfer, Blair Burrows, Charles Napier, Raven De La Croix, Chaka Khan, Ben Piazza, John Landis, Willie Hall, Judith Belushi-Pisano, Russ Bruzek, Henry Gibson, Alan Rubin, Steven Williams, Sheilah Wells, Norman Matlock, James Brown, James Avery, Charles Mountain, De'Voreaux White, Steven Rozic, Aretha Franklin, Rosie Shuster, D'Janine King-Lasky, Lou Marini, Gene Janson, Frank Oz, Steve Cropper, Jack Orend, Gary Houston, Tony Farella, Cab Calloway, Ray Charles, Jeff Cahill, John Lee Hooker, Lou Perryman, Tom Erhart, Elizabeth Hoy, Ralph Foody, Dan Aykroyd, Paul Butler, Paul Reubens, John Ring, Eugene J. Anthony, Gary McLarty, Gene Schuldt, Walter Levine, Philip Bartlett, Murphy Dunne, John Belushi, Matt Murphy, Andrew Goodman, Donald Dunn, Stephen Bishop, Twiggy, James DuMont, Layne Britton, Mr. T, Steven Spielberg, Curt Clendenin, Gwen Banta, Joe Walsh, Kathleen Freeman, Willie 'Big Eyes' Smith, Kevin Huotari
In Theaters:Jun 20, 1980
Runtime:2 hours 13 minutes
Production:Universal Pictures
Box Office:$57,229,890
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