Jeremy Renner explains why he passed on Hellboy.
Jeremy Renner explains why he passed on the 2004 Hellboy.
Hellboy star David Harbour says whether a sequel is in the works.
Hellboy didn't fare too well in the box office. It was up against some stiff competition, sandwiched between DC's Shazam! and Marvel's leviathan Avengers: Endgame. It did offer a different kind of flavor of a superhero movie even if it didn't resonate with mass audiences.
Fans of Guillermo del Toro's original Hellboy films largely did not anticipate the 2019 reboot, and those who did were cautiously optimistic. The film, indeed, was a box-office flop, but not for all of the reasons everyone predicted. While Ron Perlman's shoes were big to fill, David Harbour could have been a great Hellboy had he been given a better script.
The Stranger Things star acknowledges that Hellboy suffered from various issues.
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Hellboy’s had three chances at big screen fame; he doesn’t need a fourth.
With the reboot now in its second weekend of release, let's explore how its ending sets up a sequel.


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