North by Northwest

At a New York City hotel bar in 1958, two thugs looking for a "George Kaplan" see a waiter calling out for him at the same time advertising executive Roger Thornhill summons the waiter. Thornhill is then mistaken for "George Kaplan" and is kidnapped. Thornhill is brought to the Long Island estate of Lester Townsend and is interrogated by spy Phillip Vandamm. Despite Thornhill denying he is George Kaplan, Vandamm thinks he is lying and has his henchman Leonard arrange Thornhill's death in a staged drunken driving accident. Thornhill manages to miraculously steer away from danger but is soon arrested for driving under the influence.

The next morning, Thornhill tries but fails to convince his mother and the police that he had been kidnapped and forcibly inebriated. Journeying to the scene of the crime with police, a woman at Townsend's home, presumed to be Mrs. Townsend, says he showed up drunk at her dinner party. She also informs them that Townsend is a United Nations diplomat. While searching Kaplan's hotel room with his mother, Thornhill answers a phone call from the thugs who are in the hotel lobby. He escapes and visits the U.N. General Assembly building to meet Townsend. He discovers that Townsend is not the man he met on Long Island, and that Townsend is a widower. As Thornhill questions Townsend, one of the thugs throws a knife, hitting Townsend in the back, killing him. Thornhill catches Townsend as he falls and grabs the knife, giving the appearance that he murdered Townsend. Thornhill flees and attempts to find the real Kaplan. Read more on Wikipedia.

MPAA Rating:NR
Country:United States
Produced By:Alfred Hitchcock, Herbert Coleman
Directed By:Alfred Hitchcock
Written By:Ernest Lehman
Cast:Ned Glass, Murray Pollack, Ralph Reed, Jesslyn Fax, Olan Soule, Edward Platt, Sam Bagley, Cary Grant, Doreen Lang, Walter Coy, Tom Greenway, David A. Cox, Edward Binns, Paul Togawa, Eugene Jackson, Malcolm Atterbury, Stephen Bolster, Carl Milletaire, Susan Whitney, Martin Landau, Harvey Stephens, Thomas Martin, Philip Ober, Harry Strang, John Damler, Bert Stevens, Dale Van Sickel, Dick Johnstone, Brandon Beach, Hans Moebus, Robert Haines, Jeremy Slate, Alphonso DuBois, Steve Carruthers, Adolph Faylauer, James Mason, Ernest Anderson, Frank Baker, Robert Ellenstein, Stanley Adams, Patrick McVey, Nora Marlowe, Les Tremayne, Harry Seymour, Bess Flowers, Jeffrey Sayre, Hideo Inamura, Stuart Holmes, Robert Williams, Lucille Curtis, Tol Avery, Howard Negley, Lloyd Williams, Helen Spring, Andy Albin, Taggart Casey, Frank Wilcox, Scott Seaton, Bobby Johnson, James Gonzalez, Philip Coolidge, Ken Lynch, Carl M. Leviness, Baynes Barron, Arthur Tovey, Paul Genge, Cosmo Sardo, John Beradino, Leo G. Carroll, Jimmy Cross, Jack Daly, Charles Postal, Frank Marlowe, Lawrence Dobkin, Tommy Farrell, Don Anderson, Maura McGiveney, Anne Anderson, Madge Kennedy, Colin Kenny, Carleton Young, Sally Fraser, Robert Shayne, Wilson Wood, Eva Marie Saint, Kenner G. Kemp, Stuart Hall, Larry Leverett, Adam Williams, Alfred Hitchcock, Maudie Prickett, Len Hendry, John Roy, Josephine Hutchinson, Ernesto Zambrano, Bill Catching, James McCallion, Patricia Cutts, Sid Kane, Alexander Lockwood, Jessie Royce Landis, Monty O'Grady
In Theaters:Sep 26, 1959
Runtime:2 hours 16 minutes
Production:Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
Box Office:$13,275,000
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