The 5th Wave

Ohio high-schooler Cassie Sullivan, armed with an M4 carbine, emerges from the woods to raid an abandoned gas station. Upon entering, she hears a male voice calling for help. She finds a wounded man, who points a gun at her, but they each put their weapons down. His other hand is under his jacket and as he takes it out, she sees a glint of metal and kills him. He was holding a Christian cross and the screen cuts to black to show her backstory. Read more on Wikipedia.

MPAA Rating:PG-13
Genre:Action, Adventure, Sci Fi, Thriller
Country:United States
Produced By:Ben Waisbren, Richard Middleton, Lynn Harris, Tobey Maguire, Graham King, Matthew Plouffe, Denis O'Sullivan
Directed By:J Blakeson
Written By:Rick Yancey, Akiva Goldsman, Jeff Pinkner, Susannah Grant
Cast:Talitha Bateman, Shafayat Ahmed, Kendrick Cross, Kelly Róisín, Faneal Godbold, Dina McNeil, Charmin Lee, Darla Pelton-Perez, Eric McCrea, Tyrone D. Shaw, William A. Rodriguez, Carter Ian, James Sutton, Gabriela Lopez, Scott Ledbetter, Hunter Denoyelles, Michael Steedley, Terry Serpico, Kimberly Reneau, Billy James, Adrian Lockett, David Maldonado, Igor Bondaruk, Andi Matheny, Courtney Munch, Andrew Cunningham, Ruben Vidal, Madison Staines, Paul Michael Pouler, Faith Blankenship, Marc John Jefferies, Curry Stone, Jeffery James Bucchino, Bailey Anne Borders, Robert Hatch, Matthew Zuk, Allen Parker, Johnny Otto, Chace Beck, Josh Turner, Geoffrey Kennedy, Alex Roe, E. Roger Mitchell, Nick Robinson, Adora Dei, Chuck Clark, Nicolas Bosc, Kevin L. Johnson, Jim Palmer, Flynn McHugh, Michael Beasley, Kelly Borgnis, Olivia Cloer, Chelsea Hayes, Jake DeLaughter, Robert Hendren, Dennis E. Williams, DuRa Brown, Geoffrey Howard, Nadji Jeter, Derek Roberts, Chandy Krapes, Perry Ball, Maria Bello, Bobby Batson, Walter Hendrix III, Ron Livingston, Shere Ladd, Zackary Arthur, Justin Parks, Parker Wierling, Chloë Grace Moretz, Liev Schreiber, Alex MacNicoll, Sanya Kongdara, Donny Sadler, Paul Ryden, Devin McGee, Maggie Siff, Dylan A. Fox, Tony Revolori, Jennifer Trimble, Barbara Vincent, Maika Monroe, Brad Beall, Marilea Butler, Jamall Rashaud McMillan
In Theaters:Jan 22, 2016
Runtime:1 hour 52 minutes
Production:Columbia Pictures, LStar Capital, Material Pictures
Box Office:$34,912,982
Available On:Amazon, Itunes