The Fifth Element

In 1914, aliens known as Mondoshawans arrive at an ancient Egyptian temple to collect, for safekeeping from World War I, the only weapon capable of defeating a great evil that appears every 5,000 years. The weapon consists of four stones, containing the essences of the four classical elements, and a sarcophagus containing a Fifth Element in the form of a human, which combines the power of the other four into a divine light capable of defeating the evil. The Mondoshawans promise their human contact, a priest from a secret order, they will come back with the weapon in time to stop the great evil when it returns.

MPAA Rating:PG-13
Genre:Action, Adventure, Sci Fi
Produced By:John A. Amicarella, Patrice Ledoux, Iain Smith
Directed By:Luc Besson
Written By:Robert Mark Kamen, Luc Besson
Cast:John Bluthal, Richard Ashton, Jerome St. John Blake, Anita Koh, Tricky, Clifton Lloyd Bryan, John Sharian, Lee Evans, Anthony Chinn, Tommy 'Tiny' Lister, John Neville, Christopher Fairbank, Eve Salvail, Tim McMullan, Fred Williams, Ivan Heng, Mathieu Kassovitz, Derek Ezenagu, Martin McDougall, Mac McDonald, Riz Meedin, Frank Senger, David Barrass, Jason Salkey, Hon Ping Tang, Gary Oldman, Roy Garcia, Robert Oates, Sam Douglas, George Khan, Mia Frye, Tracy Redington, Tyrone Tyrell, Alan Ruscoe, Julie T. Wallace, John Bennett, Renee Montemayor, Al Matthews, Brion James, Pete Dunwell, Laura De Palma, Genevieve Maylam, Milla Jovovich, Stewart Harvey-Wilson, Jean-Luc Caron, Nathan Hamlett, Bruce Willis, Carlton Chance, Ian Holm, Jerry Ezekiel, François Guillaume, Christopher Adamson, Sonita Henry, Aron Paramor, Sonny Caldinez, Ali Yassine, Maïwenn, Cecil Cheng, Roger Monk, Bill Reimbold, Lenny McLean, Alex Georgijev, Michael Culkin, Marie Guillard, David Kennedy, Colin Brooks, Kim Chan, Luke Perry, Vincenzo Pellegrino, David Fishley, Kaleem Janjua, Charlie Creed-Miles, Chris Tucker, Indra Ové, Kevin Brewerton, Sean Buckley, Richard Leaf, Sibyl Buck
In Theaters:May 09, 1997
Runtime:2 hours 6 minutes
Box Office:$63,540,020
Available On:Amazon, Itunes, Netflix, Vudu
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