From writer/director Aaron Harvey, the revenge thriller Into the Ashes follows Nick Brenner (Luke Grimes), an ex-criminal who’s set his life on a very different path, with an honest job and a loving wife. But when his old crew comes looking for the money that he stole and send Nick a very clear message that all is not forgiven, Nick sets out to get payback for what they’ve done. During this 1-on-1 phone interview with Collider, actor Frank Grillo (who plays ex-con Sloan) talked about what drew him to Into the Ashes, the …
It's hard not to like Point Blank, the new Netflix movie starring MCU foes Anthony Mackie and Frank Grillo as a mismatched pair who take on a group of crooked cops led by Marcia Gay Harden. It's the kind of guilty pleasure you watch on a Sunday afternoon with your brother or your roommate or whoever, and no one complains afterwards. Does it break any new ground? Well, no, but Mackie and Grillo share a certain chemistry that makes this an appealing action movie, especially at 80 minutes. And yes, that brief running time (sans credits) tells you …
Point Blank throws a lot of ideas at the wall without ever committing to any one of them, resulting in a thriller that's more confusing than exciting.
Frank Grillo and Anthony Mackie face a corrupt police force in Netflix's Point Blank. How did they end up in this mess and how does it end?
Anthony Mackie and Frank Grillo star in a remake of a French thriller that tries, and fails, to evoke an '80s buddy action movie vibe.
Netflix has released the Point Blank trailer. Not to be confused with the excellent 1967 Lee Marvin movie, this Point Blank has Anthony Mackie playing an ER nurse whose pregnant wife is kidnapped by dirty cops. In order to save her, he has to free a career criminal (Frank Grillo) from the hospital and team up with him to take down the bad guys. This isn’t Netflix’s first attempt at an action movie with name actors, and really, it’s more grist for the content mill. They’re hoping that rather than going out and seeing something like …

Point Blank

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