Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions

In the opening, KaibaCorp is doing research on the Millennium Puzzle. Suddenly, a mysterious cloaked man is at the underground as one of Kaiba's bodyguards Roland tells him that he is behind schedule and to start digging. A year after the departure of the Pharaoh, Yugi Muto and his closest friends are in their final year of High School and are talking about what they will do in the future. Meanwhile, Seto Kaiba has commissioned an excavation to retrieve the disassembled Millennium Puzzle from the ruins of the Millennium chamber. The item had previously housed the soul of his rival, Atem, whom he hopes to revive in order to settle their score. The excavation is interrupted by Diva, who faces Kaiba in a game of Duel Monsters and steals two pieces of the recovered Puzzle. He keeps one fragment and gives the other to his sister Sera who passes it on to Yugi Muto, aware that he was the host of the Pharaoh. Read more on Wikipedia.

MPAA Rating:PG
Genre:Adventure, Animation, Drama, Fantasy
Directed By:Satoshi Kuwabara
Written By:Kazuki Takahashi
Cast:Ryô Naitô, Nozomu Sasaki, Ryôko Maekawa, Hiroki Takahashi, Tara Sands, Kazunari Kojima, Aki Kanada, Maki Saitou, Junko Takeuchi, Mako Muto, Masami Iwasaki, Kazuhiro Yamaji, Rina Endo, Hidehiro Kikuchi, Kendô Kobayashi, Dan Green, Kento Hayashi, Rica Matsumoto, Kana Hanazawa, Shunsuke Kazama, Eric Stuart, Satoshi Hino, Kenjirô Tsuda, Takeru Taniyama, Natsuki Kitakata, Yûki Nakao, Tatsuki Kobe, Kazuyuki Miura, Tadashi Miyazawa
In Theaters:Jan 27, 2017
Runtime:2 hours 10 minutes
Production:Konami Digital Entertainment, Nihon Ad Systems (NAS), Shueisha