According to Encanto director, The Madrigals' special abilities weren't called superpowers for a few distinct reasons.
Ryan Reynolds sent Hugh Jackman a gift to commemorate The Music Man’s Broadway opening that… well, is fitting for him.
Director Denis Villeneuve will likely never forget Oscar Isaac's nude scene in Dune due to the "gift" he received.
Red Notice's Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson shows off the sweet present he gave his mother this Christmas in a touching video.
Despite allegedly breaking up, evidently Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell are still getting along well, as the former gave the latter a cool Christmas gift.
Keanu Reeves spent some serious money to show his appreciation to key people on John Wick: Chapter 4.
Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds can't stop, won't stop talking about one another via social media, this time relating to Jackman's recent birthday.
Christina Milian and the rest of Netflix's Resort to Love cast have convinced me to book a flight to Mauritius.
The Doctor Robotnik actor is getting generous on the set of the sequel.
A record-breaking art sale marks the latest stop for this long and winding tale.
Dwayne Johnson took a moment to reflect on the past as he headed into 2021.
There is one ring to rule them all, but many gifts to please the rest.
You don't have to be a pure blood to enjoy these gifts...
Add "Keanu Reeves giving the most energetic and loving shout-outs to the Constantine cast and crew" to my list of Very Good Things in 2020. The list is small, but Reeves deserves to be there. The actor made two appearances during the recent Comic-Con@Home virtual even over the weekend. He first appeared on Collider's "Constantine: 15th Anniversary Reunion" panel alongside director Francis Lawrence and writer Akiva Goldsman, and later showed up on the Bill & Ted Face the Music panel. One of the best parts of Reeves' participation in our Constantine panel was all of the …
In objectively today's most wholesome news, we're happy to provide further proof that incredibly talented half-giant Adam Driver is a treasure who needs to be protected at all costs. The most recent Driver update comes courtesy of Ben Affleck, who is currently working with the Oscar nominee on the period piece The Last Duel, co-written by Affleck, Matt Damon, and Nicole Holofcener and directed by Ridley Scott. Sitting down with Jimmy Kimmel, Affleck revealed that he just happened to mention to Driver that his son is a massive Star Wars fan. "My son knows that I …