As good at math as he is terrible with girls, Ryan Chess (Troy Doherty) has spent an entire summer pining away for his pretty and vivacious co-worker, Carly Alvarez (Flavia Watson). Just as the summer is coming to a close and he has worked up the courage to ask her out, he is shocked to learn the store is closing at the end of the day. And Carly is going to move away. Far away. With a full ride to MIT only a few months away, he knows he is nuts to care. But he does. And so he hatches a crazy plan to save the store by the end of the day and thereby make Carly fall in love with him, with the help of his best friend Jeremy (Zedrick Restauro), and his co-workers Ellen (Raychel Diane Weiner), and Gary (Ross Mackenzie). An uphill battle that gets even more difficult when the handsome and possibly sinister regional manager, Brady (Alex Ashbaugh), arrives. Brady says he is there to roll up his sleeves and pitch in with the sale, but Ryan suspects ulterior motives. And when he discovers that Carly and Brady were once romantically involved, he really loses his composure and chances of saving the store. Ultimately, Ryan relies on his big brain to save the store and out Brady as the villain he is. It is here that his confidence shines and Carly sees him for who he really is and falls in love with him.