Batman & Robin

Set two years after the defeat of Two-Face and the Riddler, Batman and his new sidekick, Robin, become defenders of Gotham. They attempt to thwart the villainous Mr. Freeze from robbing diamonds from the natural history museum, but he steals one and flees. Mr. Freeze was originally Dr. Victor Fries, a doctor working to develop a cure for MacGregor's syndrome to heal his terminally ill wife. Fries was forced to wear a cryogenic suit powered by diamonds after becoming unable to live at normal temperatures following a lab accident.

MPAA Rating:PG-13
Genre:Action, Sci Fi
Country:United Kingdom, United States
Produced By:William M. Elvin, Michael Uslan, Peter Macgregor-Scott, Mitchell E. Dauterive, Benjamin Melniker
Directed By:Joel Schumacher
Written By:Bob Kane, Akiva Goldsman
Cast:Steven Ito, Dennis Lefevre, Cory M. Miller, Julie Michaels, Eva Ford, James Kim, Alex Daniels, Stogie Kenyatta, Jim McMullan, Michael Bernardo, Vivica A. Fox, Jon Simmons, Uzi Gal, Harry Van Gorkum, Ralf Moeller, Christopher Nelson, Gabriela Tollman, Deron McBee, Elle Macpherson, Alicia Silverstone, Jeep Swenson, Pat Hingle, Matthew Hurley, Patrick Leahy, Peter Navy Tuiasosopo, Dennis Keiffer, Uma Thurman, Michael Reid MacKay, Greg Bronson, Jack Betts, John Ingle, Sandra Taylor, David Novak, Michael Gough, Jim Palmer, Elizabeth Sanders, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Spitfire Brown, Dean Cochran, Nicky Katt, Elizabeth Guber, Andy LaCombe, Todd Grossman, Roger Nehls, Kimberly Scott, Takis Triggelis, Jeff Podgurski, Simon Kim, Eric Lloyd, Michael Paul Chan, John Fink, Greg Lauren, Steve Boyles, Robert Powell, Doug Hutchison, Jesse Ventura, William Victor Skrabanek, John Glover, Christopher Caso, Coolio, Joe Sabatino, Marc Glimcher, George Clooney, Christian Boeving, Tobias Jelinek, Chris O'Donnell, Neill Calabro, Jean-Luc Martin, Casper Brindle, Vendela Kirsebom Thomessen, Johnathan Brownlee
In Theaters:Jun 20, 1997
Runtime:2 hours 5 minutes
Production:Warner Bros., PolyGram Filmed Entertainment
Box Office:$107,325,195
Available On:Amazon, Itunes, Netflix, Vudu
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